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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I cancel my order because I bought the wrong item?
2. Can I return any items I decide not to keep?
3. Do you charge drop ship fees?
4. Do you have a catalog?
5. Do you have retail stores?
6. Do you offer any free samples?
7. Do you offer drop shipping?
8. Do you ship on the weekend?
9. How can I contact you?
10. How do I cancel my membership?
11. How do I contact you If I have a question or would like to order by phone?
12. How does your website work?
13. How often do you send out orders daily?
14. I live overseas, can I still make orders?
15. I"m having problems creating an account, Can I call and have you help me create an account over the phone?
16. Shipping Policy/ No Ship Zones:
17. What are items with $0.00
18. What if I have Missing or Damaged items?
19. What if I want to cancel my membership early?
20. What if I'm having problems loggin into my account?
21. What is the shipping cost for FREE displays?
22. What type of shipping box will my product come in?
23. When can I cancel my membership?
24. Why do I see an $1.00 charge or hold on my account?
25. What does it cost to become a member of
26. Why do we have to become a member to make a purchase?
27. Am I charged $9.95 per purchase?
28. What if I receive a defective or damaged item?
29. When will my order be shipped?
30. If I signed up with a Trial Membership, how can I cancel my account?

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